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Climate Finance Working Group



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Climate Finance in Africa

A selection of papers, case studies and good practice

Editor Fadeke Ayoola

Personal development opportunity

If you would like to contribute to this book as a author or contribute a case study please do get in touch:

Part 1
Chapter 1: Climate Change
Chapter 2: Air Pollution
Chapter 3: Transport
Chapter 4: Energy Efficiency
Chapter 5: Natural Resource Management
MSMEs & Case studies
Digital data governance tools and resources
Disaster response resources
Online Surveys/Checklist/Courses

Part 2: 
Chapter 6: Biodiversity
Chapter 7: Waste Pollution
Chapter 8: Land
Chapter 9: Ocean
Chapter 10: Noise
MSMEs & Case studies
Digital data governance tools and resources

Disaster response resources
Online Surveys/Checklist/Courses


Priorities for Action

Priority 1 Understanding climate finance 
Priority 2 Strengthening climate finance governance to manage disaster risk
Priority 3 Mobilising Investment in climate risk reduction for resilience
Priority 4 Enhancing disast
er preparedness for effective response

Conferences, Workshops, Publications & Podcasts

Podcast on Women in Cybersecurity and the Financial Challenges - September 2023


Ryma Abassi

TOP 50 women in Cybersecurity in Africa 2020 Best Young Researcher in computer science 2020 from the Tunisian Academy of Science, Arts and letters.

Ryma Abassi is a Tunisian researcher who specializes in mobile and dynamic network security. She is the author of two books on the subject and is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Cyber Forensics and Advanced Threat Investigations.


Welcome Ryma, and thank you for joining us in this discussion on women in cybersecurity in Africa. 

Finance for Sustainability Reporting in Uganda - December 2023 

Francis Kitaka, 
PwC Partner Uganda

Fadeke Ayoola, 
CEO NET Africa

Sustainability reporting in Uganda, like in many other countries, requires financial resources to ensure its successful implementation. Organizations in Uganda can take various steps to secure financing for sustainability reporting initiatives. In this book we provide practical steps that Ugandan businesses small, medium and large can take to improve to address finances to fund their sustainability reporting.
The book will be available by the end of December.


77th United Nations General Assembly Science Summit Finance Session
26th September 2022    2pm - 4pm GMT

Fadeke Ayoola, FCCA
CEO NET Africa
Author & Sustainability Expert

Edgar Isingoma

Partner & Head of KPMG Impact, ESG, and IDAS

KPMG Africa

Joy Aguele - Kalu

Founder & CEO

Green Bridge Advisory Ltd.

Dr Olufunso Somorin

Regional Principal Officer

African Development Bank


L. Clensy Appavoo

CEO & Senior Partner

HLB Appavoo & Associates

Podcast on Financial Risk Management In Uganda

Israel Opio, FCCA

Financial Analyst, Barclays Bank, Uganda

Podcast with OpioIsrael Opio
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