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NET Africa was initiated in response to the outcome of the COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015. Parties to the UNFCCC reached a landmark agreement to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future.

The organization was then officially registered in Brussels, Belgium in July 2017.




NET Africa is an organisation that is structured through partnerships. 



The objective of NET Africa is to work in partnership with key stakeholders who are engaged in understanding the interactions between the economy and the environment.
We have three key areas of focus.
(1) Biodiversity Finance
We focus on developing financial/investment solutions and innovations to address biodiversity challenges in Africa.
Biodiversity finance and investment can be directed towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.
We work in partnership with a number of key stakeholders with an interest in the interactions between biodiversity and the economy. We have a particular interest in the interactions between biodiversity, gender and the economy in Africa.
Examples of projects under biodiversity finance:
  -    Organic Agriculture - actors or key stakeholders invest in organic agriculture that sustains and enhances the health of soil, plant, animal, human, and the planet as one and indivisible.

 - Carbon Offset Projects - actors or key stakeholders invest in a forest, conservation, and afforestation for compensating the destruction of the atmosphere caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

 - Biodiversity Offset Projects - actors invest in the creation of equivalent forest habitat for a specific species.
(2) Biodiversity Accounting
Accounting for Biodiversity explores the need for companies to actively protect, conserve and improve biodiversity within their sphere of operation. We produce biodiversity accounting to develop engagement with the corporate sector on their Corporate Social Responsibility and potential environmental impact on biodiversity. To improve their environmental reporting and accountability.
We also produce biodiversity accounting to compare trends in biodiversity with economic and social activity in a spatially explicit manner. We also produce these accounts to support sustainable development.
Examples of projects under biodiversity accounting:
 - Industry-specific biodiversity accounting reports on mining, oil, and gas industrial project locations.
  - Workshops, research, and publications on biodiversity accounting for specific industries.
(3) Biodiversity Auditing & Training
We work to improve the environmental management of biodiversity by working with our partners on international standards environmental management standards and certifications such as ISO 14001/ ISO 50001 / Forest |Carbon Partnership Facility / ISO 9001.



Board Resolution Affirming Non-Discrimination Policy

Education Assessment Policy

Financial Inclusion and Gender Policy

Inclusive Finance Assessment Policy

Privacy Policy

Research Ethics Guidelines

Sustainable Agriculture Assessment Policy

Sustainable Forestry Assessment Policy

Terms of use

Transparency & Accountability Policy

Water Assessment Policy

Wetlands and Gender Policy




Board Members

Board of Advisors

Women's Investment Committee

Regional & Local Experts & Ambassadors

Leaders in Community Partnerships / Project Developers



Where we work

European Regional Office - Brussels, Belgium

European Representative - Fadeke Ayoola

East Africa Regional Office - Nairobi, Kenya

East African Representative - Susan Gathigia

Southern Africa Regional Office - Cape Town, South Africa

Southern African Representative  - Siphokazil Moloinyane

West Africa Regional Office - Accra, Ghana

West African Representative - Faustina Boakye


Fadeke Ayoola, FCCA
Dr. & Rev.
Valentine Dedji, Cantab
Temi Ayoola, BSc

Founder & CEO

Responsible for management and strategic oversight of the organisation. 

Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and Lead Environmental Auditor, ISO 14001:2015 accredited by the International Register of Certified Auditors.

Formerly an independent consultant and policy adviser on governance, environmental audit and environmental policy.

Board Member

Member of clergy, Methodist Church, Visiting Lecturer,  an associate member of the International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS). He is also an author of a number of books and published articles.

Previously served as Associate Methodist minister at the Wesley's Chapel in London. Extensive background in peace and reconciliation particularly in Africa.

Board Member

Team Leader, Vodafone UK, Member of the Institute of Engineering technology

Languages: C, C++, Visual C, Pascal, SIMULA, WML, Perl, TTCN, VBA.

Operating Systems: Unix, Microsoft Windows, VxWorks, MCOS, MS DOS, VAX/VMS.

Extensive experience in mobile technology, training and capacity building.


Sadiki Lotha Laisser
MSc, BSc

Board Adviser on Wetlands

Advising NET Africa on Wetland partnership in Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action program. 


Sadiki is the Regional Project Officer Nile Basin Initiative / Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action program.

Environmental Manager & Practitioner for the past 12 years with vast regional experience in Strategic Planning, Program/Project Management, Biodiversity Assessment and Management, Wetland Management, Valuation for Ecosystem Services, CEPA, Water Resources Management, E-Flows Assessment, Citizen Science, Climate Change, River and Wetlands Health Monitoring & Assessment and Valuation for Ecosystem Services.

Dr. Modesta Mederd, PhD

Board Adviser on Gender

Advising NET Africa on womens fisheries framework in East Africa. Dr. Modesta Medard has more than 20 years of work experience in natural resource management and governance systems, Community Based Natural Resource Managemenet (CBNRM), fisheries management, conservation and development, rural livelihoods, and gender. She has an extensive publications list on this subject matter.

Dr. Medard has held senior positions both in Tanzanian government services (the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute) and international non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Elewechi Okike
PhD, MPhil, MSc, BSc, FHEA

Board Adviser on Leadership

Advising NET Africa on Management and leadership.  Inspiring, proactive, passionate, energetic, highly motivated and achievement-oriented education and training consultant and coach who believes in making a difference, and has a keen interest in the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research, and consultancy; an experienced, innovative and versatile education and training consultant, coach, researcher, and administrator, with a proven ability to teach and examine a wide range of accounting and other business-related subjects; an accredited educator, mentor, and coach with strong management, leadership, relationship building, and networking skills.


Faustina Boakye
Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) in International Development
Caroline Mwebaza
Clinical Psychiatry

Board Secretary

Susan Gathigia
Siphokazil Moloinyane
Masters of Horticultural Sciences
Fadeke Ayoola

Timely distribution and management of  agenda and minutes

Board Advisor

West Africa

Board Advisor

Eastern Africa


Board Advisor

Southern Africa

Provide counsel to  executive board and advisory committee on potential investments in Western Africa.


Provide counsel to  executive board and advisory committee on potential investments in Eastern Africa.


To provide leadership and direction to the committee, pursuing its vision, mission and strategic direction within the committee's terms of reference.

Provide counsel to  executive board and advisory committee on potential investments in Southern Africa. .


Wole Adegbule

environmental Expert

SDG West African Regional

Youth Ambassador

Countries: Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo.

Responsible for regional research reports from  West African countries

Amro Selim

Environmental Expert

SDG North African Regional

Youth Ambassador

Countries:  Egypt

Responsible for regional research reports from  North African countries

Siphokazi Moloinyane

Environmental Expert

SDG South African Regional Ambassador

Countries: Southern Africa

Responsible for regional research reports from  South African countries

Susan Gathia

Environmental Expert

SDG Eastern African Regional Ambassador

Countries: Eastern Africa

Responsible for regional research reports from  East African countries


Dr. Crispin Swedi Bilombele
Deputy Director - Dawn New for Women and Development (ANFD nonprofit NGO). combating coastal erosion, wetland depletion and environmental degradation to enhance the economic growth of the exclusive economic zone.


Forest Partnership is a non-profit organization that works towards the sustainable development of Mombasa County. The group is engaged in revenue generating activities, like fish ponds and a mangrove nursery that allow the funding of other projects: mangrove reforestation in Tudor Creek and educational programs.


Friends of Maasai Forests (FMF).

The overall goal of FMF is to sensitize the community to conserve the forests through tree planting and ensure proper management of all the community forests in Narok County providing social ecological and environmental services to local and international community.


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Caroline Mwebaza

​SDG National Ambassador

Country Representative: Uganda

Enoch Kaburu

SDG National Youth Ambassador

Country Representative:  Kenya

Ben Osuji

SDG National Youth Ambassador

Country Representative: Nigeria

Jacinta Ruguru

SDG National Youth Ambassador

Country Representative: Kenya

Eleanor Ayoola

SDG Young Youth Ambassador


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