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​If you are an expert or consultant with experience in natural capital asset portfolio management please join us by sending your CV, cover letter to the email address below.


If you are a company, join us and we can provide you with biodiversity reporting and potential impacts of your products and services as well as resources for making your executive board more gender-diverse. Please send us a letter of interest to join us at the following address: or join our forum.

The charter, information about roles and responsibilities are all listed for foum members -  please join the forum.


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Further information

(1) The role

(2) Research Ethics

(3) Assessment

What we offer you, when you join our research team.

1. Guidance and development on the following:-

In-depth information on the range of wetlands and eco-systems in your country. Detailed GIS Maps and information about the wetland.


2. Some research papers on the chosen wetland and location.
We provide you with websites to join that provide good research papers on your chosen field available free.


3. Feedback on application, particularly on title and theme, outline of research/methods.

4. Participate in the global wetlands forum to post questions, receive feedback, and explore other researchers work.

6. Monthly updates on scholarship opportunities, whilst developing application.

7. Opportunity to publish articles and essays in our weekly research report.

8. Opportunity for your work and research to be featured on our website.


Gender Specialists

There is a gender investment gap particularly in the following:

Renewable energy



If you are a gender investment specialist, based within Sub-Saharan Africa, we would like to hear from you. Please send CV to info@netafrica.

SDG Ambassador

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We are currently recruiting young environmental professionals, who have recently completed their university degree to contribute to our weekly sustainability report, to write about wetlands, SDGs and people participation in Africa on a voluntary basis. The young person (20 – 35 yrs.) will need to be based in Africa.
The research and reports could lead to further action, projects and community participation.


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