- Regulators

- Project Developers

- Carbon Offset Developers

- Investors

- Eco / Environmental Banks

- Corporations

- Civil Society

- Women SME's

- Farmers

- Land Owners


Biodiversity Finance

- Carbon offset Projects

  (1) The Restoration of Tudor Creek Mangrove Forest.

  (2) Friends of Maasai Forest

  (3) Lake Tanganyika Basin

  (4) Grassroots Women Entrepreneurs Climate

       Environmental Network


Biodiversity Accounting

- Biodiversity Methodological Approaches

- Biodiversity Business Applications

- Boundaries and Baselines

- Metrics and Data

- Disclosure

GHG Accounting

- Ex-Ante Determination of Gross and Net GHG


Biodiversity Auditing & Training


Mobile Technology

- Apps for biodiversity project developers, SMEs,

  Farmers, Women's Groups


Carbon Farming

- What is Carbon Farming?

- How to become a Carbon Farmer with us

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)


- Learn more about Climate Smart Agriculture


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