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Water quality, essential to the health and life of both rural and urban populations, is directly related to forest management

MAY 2020


- by Fadeke Ayoola

Since time began forests have been providing us with essential necessities such as clean air, shelter, medicine, food, water, fuel, biodiversity and many other benefits. It is essential that we work together to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Water quality, essential to the health and life of both rural and urban populations, is directly related to forest management.


Forest management is the process of planning and implementing practices for the stewardship and use of forests and other wooded land targeted at specific environmental, economic, social and cultural objectives. Forest management planning is a fundamental component of sustainable forest management, and it may be required at various scales, from local to national; this module focuses on the local (or forest management unit) scale. The role of forest management planning is to determine and express the objectives of forest management in a specified area of forest and to set out the steps to be taken to achieve those objectives.

Water quality, essential to the health and life of both rural
and urban populations, is directly related to forest


Deforestation is an environmental crisis. Its far-reaching effects include:

  • The decreasing availability of firewood.

  • Removing the trees from an area is to remove its source of life.

  • Forests protect the soil against erosion and reduce the risks of landslides and avalanches.

  • Forests increase the rate that rainwater recharges groundwater as well as control the rate that water is released in watersheds, helping sustain freshwater supplies.

  • Forests affect the climate. The occurrence and strength of floods and droughts increase when they are eliminated.

  • Forests are an important source of oxygen.

  • Forests store large amounts of carbon that are released when trees are cut or burned.

Water quality, essential to the health and life of both rural
and urban populations, is directly related to forest


  • Identify, raise and advocate for key needs in women entrepreneurship issues within national and local grassroots communities

  • Engage grassroots organization with international bilateral and multilateral organizations for support of women entrepreneurship in the energy, environmental and climate sectors.

  • Build capacity of women to diversify trading and businesses to include adaptation and mitigation projects and programs to help address climate (Solar, Clean Cookstoves, Irrigation, Off-grid energy technology, etc)

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Announcement: New Monthly Sustainability Report that will replace the weekly reports - starting from February 2020.

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