How to participate

There are a number of ways that you can participate

(1) You can register as part of a community group (schools / Universities / Community Based Organisations (CBOs), The leader of the group will register and collect all your surveys and observations and post it on the citizen science portal.

If you are registering with us as a group, we do encourage you to ensure that the sample of people taking part are broadly representative of the village, town, city, region, state or country. Therefore, the group should be a mixture of both young and old, male and female participants. 

(2) As an individual you can report your chance observation from any wetland using the report observation button on our website.

(3) You participate in a wetland survey and report observation at a specified wetland.


Your right to participation

Any interested and/or affected party regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religious and political affiliations. Whether governmental or non-governmental, civil society, academia or private sector can participate. 


All participants will be given the opportunity to access resources through the library.


To make an observation click here.

To learn more about the citizen science program click here.