Water Quality Watch
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Join the community water quality one year challenge to monitor the water quality of the wetland near you.

Drinking Water
Do you want to know if your community is drinking safe water?
Did you know that the health of the wetland affects water quality?
We have a number of water quality strips that you can use to monitor the water quality over a year. Each month just take a short test of the wetland using a water quality strip and report your observation. If you have a team or community group that would like to take our challenge but do not have water quality strips, then get in touch and we will send you a pack of water monitoring strips. If we run out of strips we will let you know - Contact info@netafrica.be

Harvest Rainwater
Do you harvest rainwater? if so, would you like to monitor the quality of the rainwater you are collecting? We can supply you with water quality strips to monitor the rainwater monthly, for one year.
If you are interested get in touch. Contact info@netafrica.be

New Project
Do you have an innovative approach to water collection. Send in your photos of how you improve your water quality, so that we can share it with others.