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Bonyeza hati ili kupakua ripoti.

This document provides the Transboundary Wetland Management Plan (TWMP) for the Sio-Siteko wetland in the border of Kenya and Uganda. It details a consensus strategy and common framework to support stakeholders of the wetland landscape in their planning towards wise-use of wetland resources and achieving long-term sustainable development by introducing a concept for balancing growing demands with limited resources. This TWMP was developed based on the Ramsar Guidelines for management planning for Ramsar sites and other wetlands. It takes cognisance and harmonises existing conservation plans and instruments such as the ‘Sio-Siteko Community Based Wetland Management Plan (NBI, 2009), Busia County Integrated Development Plan (2018 – 2022), The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for Sio Siteko (NBI 2019a) and the Sio-Siteko Wetland Monograph, (NBI, 2020).