(1) Safe access to fuel and energy.              (2) Innovation and climate smart agriculture. (3) Access to finance.  These are the type of programs we are developing within Africa to make a difference with our project partners.


Water professionals and practitioners share, exchange and collaborate on key challenges facing wetlands management in Africa.

Wetland Forum

Wetland introduction courses and costal management courses are currently available. We are continuoulsy developing our courses.

Wetland Courses

Ambassador Program

Ambassadors produce weekly research reports, featured on NET Africa’s weekly news report featured on our website and through our social media accounts. Ambassadors select a particular area of interest that they would like to focus on whilst being on the SDG Ambassador program and write about it on a weekly basis. They can also proceed to turn their interest in wetlands into an academic research program.

Young Ambassador

Young ambassadors program is for 11-16-year-olds to learn and engage with each other about the SDGs using educational resources, short stories, campaigns, case studies, and writing competitions.

Citizen Science

NET Africa adopts a citizen science technology approach to engage citizens with their environment.



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