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What is the XCHANGE Platform?

XCHANGE is a platform for industry and the indigenous African business community, that are mainly based within wetlands to exchange, engage, collaborate and address concerns which are of a local nature, but also have national and global implications. XCHANGE was set up to increase investment in Africa's unique natural assets. XCHANGE aims to promote Africa's strategic natural capital assets for sustainable development as well as a tool for addressing more immediate concerns such as global warming and corporate ambitions to achieve NET Zero.


What does the XCHANGE Platform do?


The XCHANGE platform provides opportunity to collaborate and partnership with carbon offset projects, as well as projects that develop and build community partnership. The XCHANGE platform also provides resources on biodiversity reporting. Engaging with you to improve your biodiversity footprint. 

Our African business community trade in three core areas, water, energy and food. The water-trade-energy nexus is central in achieving NET ZERO 2030. The diagram below illustrates how the water-energy-food nexus can contribute towards corporations achieving NET Zero.

The water-food-energy nexus is central in achieving the Net Zero 2030.


(1) Deforestation increases water scarcity and global warming impacting the Earths Water and Carbon Cycle. Halving deforestation and restoring degraded lands can reverse this trend.

(2)Phasing out coal plants and replacing it with wind and solar energy would increase water supplies and reduce emissions.

Globally agriculture and food production (which consumes between 2000 and 5000 litres of water to produce a daily meal) is responsible for 13% of CO2, 44% of methane and 82% of nitrous oxide emissions.
Water companies require a lot of energy to treat water. Water companies contribute 3-5% of global CO2 emissions from energy consumption as well as methane and nitrous oxide emissions from wastewater handling. Decarbonizing water companies is critical.



(1) Reduce food loss and waste

(2) Eat more plants and less meat

(3) Invest in clean energy and       


(1) Invest in clean energy

(2) Shift to electric vehicles

(3) Decarbonize shipping and aviation.

(4) Energy-saving buildings.

(5) Increase public transport

Why should you join our XCHANGE Platform?

As part of your strategy to achieve NET Zero 2030

What is Net Zero Emissions? Globally, net zero emissions will be achieved when GHG emissions caused by humanity are balanced out to zero by removing the GHG emissions from the atmosphere. Human-caused GHG emissions need to be reduced as close to zero as possible. 

As part of your carbon offset program













To make you contribution to the sustainable development goals

To make sure that you leave no one behind

According to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Member States recognized that the dignity of the individual is fundamental and that the Agenda’s Goals and targets should be met for all nations and people and for all segments of society. Furthermore, they endeavoured to reach first those who are furthest behind.

How are people left further behind?

(1) Technological Advancement resulting in a digital divide.

(2) Climate Change resulting in environmental degradation, loss of access to land, jobs and livelihood.

(3) Gender discrimination that hinders productive capacity.

(4) Economic, political and governmental structures that are based on unequal distribution of wealth and

     decision-making power.

(5) Business models that are often based on unequal distribution of wealth and decision-making.

What is the solution?

We believe the solution is the adoption of a more inclusive business model. When your organisation adopts an inclusive business model there are a number of key benefits.











What are the key benefits to 






















To join our XCHANGE Platform all that is required is a signed membership form in agreement with the Global Compact ten business principles stated below. Once a member you can choose from a variety of different inclusive business models. 




  and NET Africa will work with your organisation through partnership and resources to improve your environmental and social performance. Please complete the online form below to join the platform.

Food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s GHG gas emissions.