Gender and Environmental Policies and Guidelines
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STEM Competitions

STEM competitions and contests can be a great way to have girls test their skills and learn new ones. They can work collaboratively in groups, with a mentor or through an individual project. They can gain access to new resources and opportunities.

Learn more about our STEM Competitions and online resources for girls.

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STEM Policy

Read more about our approach and policy on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 


Gender & Innovation Approach

Our policy covers creatively solving problems, questioning and exploring, collaborating with others, engaging in inquiry and analysis and other innovative actions. We agree with the approach of UNESCO on gender and innovation.

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Financial Inclusion and Gender Policy

This policy guides our work with women on formalizing the informal economy for women, including the use of digital financial assets.

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Framework for Women Fisheries

The Environmental & Social Accountability Risk Framework was developed in consultation with women fishers within the Great Lakes of Africa. It is an on-going project.

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Wetlands and Gender Policy

Our guiding principles for enhancing women's participation in wetland and water management.

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Renewable Energy Policy

Our guidelines for working within the renewable energy sector with particular reference to women.

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Sustainable Agriculture

Our guidelines for providing our services to the sustainable Agriculture sector.

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Our guidelines for working within the water sector providing water accounts, water monitoring tools and resources.

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Sustainable Forestry

Our guidelines for working within the forestry sector includes organisations that generate revenues from forest products and services, such as wood and wood products, water, food, fodder, medicine, fuel, shelter, employment, recreation, habitats for wildlife, landscape diversity, carbon sinks and reservoirs, and for other forest products. We aim to provide our services to organisations that meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations.

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Inclusive Finance

Our guidelines for working within the financial inclusion sector with fintech. 


Publication & Research

We provide publications and research on natural capital assets, gender and  environmental issues.