Women's Investment Committee Mandate

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Inclusive-Finance      Renewable-Energy     



We are committed to:-

Impact investments, that contribute to social and environmental solutions made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.


Motivations, we are motivated to contribute to sustainable development as well as local community development.

There are four key elements:

INTENTIONALITY: we aim to intentionally contribute to social and environmental solutions. This differentiates them from other strategies such as ESG investing, responsible investing, and screening strategies.

FINANCIAL RETURNS: we seek a financial return on investment that can range from below-market rate to risk-adjusted market rate. This distinguishes them from philanthropy. This enables us to reinvest the financial return in other projects.

RANGE OF ASSET CLASSES: We aim to make impact investments across asset classes, from cash equivalents and micro-finance to private equity and clean technology.

IMPACT MEASUREMENT: we are committed to measure and report the social and environmental performance of underlying investments.



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