The  Citizen Science Hub

The Nile Citizen Science Hub

Wednesday September 1st  10.00am - 10pm (EAT)

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The Nile Citizen Science Hub aims to raise awareness in preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems and wetlands.  through training and the education of local communities to gather vital evidence about the state of the ecosystem soil, water, trees and wildlife, as well as promoting sustainable livelihoods, conservation and waste management activities. 
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Conservation in water, trees, fish monitoring, soil watch and bird watch 

Image by Doug Linstedt

Education4Sustainable Schools (E4S)

Education4Sustainable Schools 2030 aims to contribute towards a fairer and more sustainable world through strengthening sustainable education in schools and furthering the achievement of the 17 SDGs.

Organic Vegetables


Accounting,  management, sustainable business models, business projections and access to investment.

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Women's Networks

Improving women co-operatives in Agriculture through vertical farming and other sustainable business models (renewable energy).

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Risk Management

Risk Management for key stakeholders including CBOs, women networks, local communities and schools.

Green Waste Recycling

Waste management

Waste management practices, with short videos showing good practice that have taken place in communities like yours.