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We’d like to offer you the opportunity to raise your online profile and/or showcase your organisation’s expertise by submitting a case study on behalf of your organisation or by giving a personal perspective. Case Studies meeting our criteria will be published in our online Group Investor Community and a selection will be published on our website, and promoted via our social media channels and international network.

Take action for the Sustainable Development Goals
Submit a case study on any of the following:
(1) Renewable Energy - SDG 7
(2) Water - SDG 6
(3) Sustainable Forestry - SDG 15
(4) Sustainable Agriculture - SDG 5
(5) Inclusive Finance - SDG 1
(6) Climate Technology - SDG 9
(7) Corporate Social Responsibility - SDG 13

Our Criteria

  • Case studies or articles can be up to 1000 words in length

  • Case studies should either describe your organisation’s practice in or your individual experiences.

  • Please submit a case study/article using the online form below

  • Authors may submit an image to accompany the article

  • Articles may be edited for length, style and content, with the author’s approval of the final version before publication

  • By submitting a case study or article you confirm that you have the necessary permissions to share the information contained. Articles will be published under a CC-BY Creative Commons Licence (

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