Image by Brooke Lark
Schools Sustainable Meals 

Learn more about healthy eating 


Learn more about  growing fruit and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Learn more about  water and food preparation

Learn more about  sustainable energy and food preparation

Step 4
What type of energy do you use at home to cook your food? What is affordable clean energy? Why is clean energy important? 
Step 3
Write about SDG 6 and include the importance of clean fresh water in food 


Step 1
Write about SDG 2 and 3 how is it linked to the food you eat. Learn more about the food you eat by writing about your favourite meal. How do you cook it, what is the ingredients you use and how nutritious is it? How is it good for your health and wellbeing?

Step 2
Write about SDG 15 and link it  to  how your favourite meal is grown. Is there a seed associated with the food you eat - if so what is it called. What time of year is it sown and long does it take to grow it?