Dash Inspectorate Cameroon Ltd Co, is a Franchise Branch of Dash Inspectorate PVT LTD, an international Third Party Organization with more than 30 international branches and mother base in India.
Main services include:
 Inspection,
 Quality Controls and Quality Assurance,
 Third Party Services,
 Training and Certification Services,
 Manufacturing/Fabrication, etc. Dash Inspectorate Cameroon Ltd Co is a UN Global Compact Participant.
UN Partner for the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In Cameroon, their mission is ‘to promote the development of the industry in Cameroon, the sub region and beyond, to develop and valorise human potentials thereby fostering human and economic growth without causing any harm to the environment'. Dash Inspectorate Cameroon Ltd Co is into Collaborative Partnership with the Government of Cameroon for the Sustainable Development of Cameroon in line with the National Development Strategy of Cameroon 2020 – 2030.

This SWOT Analysis for DASH Inspectorate Cameroon provides an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, to better assess the position of the company against the competition.

Competitive position: the organisation has identified their competitors; however, they have not identified what their business advantage is over their competitors. How their voice will be heard over the noise of competitors. This section will reflect on how their solution is different. 


How can the organisation increase their market share? How can they grow into parts of the market the competition has not reached? How will the organisation attract customers from its competitors? How will they do this?

We have analysed how the strengths can help Dash to maximize opportunities and minimize threats; how their weaknesses can slow their ability to capitalize on the opportunities; and how could their weaknesses expose them to threats.

  • Strengths: What will be your company’s strengths when you launch? How do you see this changing in the future?

  • Weaknesses: If you were the competition, what would you say to prospective customers about where your company’s products or services are weak or deficient? What are the most important weaknesses to overcome first?

  • Opportunities: With product improvements or new partnerships, where could your business grow? What new segments could you enter in the future?

  • Threats: What external factors could put pressure on your business growth or cash flow? Which of these threats can you control? Which ones can’t you control?


Dash Inspectorate Cameroon Ltd Co is the only organization in Cameroon that does Training and certification of higher technicians in Welding and Non-destructive Testing.

All management personnel of Dash Inspectorate Cameroon Ltd Co hold international qualifications.

Also, a franchise Branch of Dash Inspectorate PVT Ltd, UN Global Compact Participant and our core values are Integrity, Transparency and Public Accountability.

Partner of the Government of Cameroon in line with the National Development Strategy of Cameroon 2020 – 2030 with focus on Training and Certification.


Policy dialogue with government to improve working conditions for welders.

Lack of risk analysis within business operations 

Lack of SDG detail – what targets and indicators

Sustainability Reporting

Measuring emissions whilst training students – no mention.


Exempted from all taxes and custom duties for training and Certification programs. Laureate of the MEA African Excellence Award in the category of ‘Best Welding Training Provider’, in 2018. Launched a solidarity call for support from the national and international community through generous freewill donations. Integrated all the 17 SDGs into our business strategy,


With product improvements or new partnerships, where could your business grow? What new segments could you enter in the future?

Develop innovation training (robotics) for your students to up-skill to reduce emissions caused by welding.

To form partnership with NET Africa for investment in innovation training / certification for engineering students – especially women.

Gradually increase robotics in welding over time to improve market share, become national market leader and move organisation into the 21st Century.

Create new enhanced, highly skilled workforce – who understands robotics in welding and can design and innovate new technology.


Health hazards related to welding include electricity, radiation, heat, flames, fire, explosion, noise, welding fumes, fuel gases, inert gases, gas mixtures and solvents.

Welding causes air pollution

Welding can cause hazards on respiratory system, hazards on kidney, hazards on skin, hazards on the visual systems, hazards on reproductive system, hazards on the nervous system, Carcinogenic effects and other health issues.

The rise of robotics and innovation in welding.



Dash Inspectorate Cameroon Ltd joined NET Africa (Bronze Membership)

NET Africa recommended the European Investment Bank based in Cameroon amongst others. 

The contact for the European Investment Bank  was provided to his board of directors stated below.


European Investment Bank Cameroon 1068, rue Onambélé Nkou. Quartier Nlongkak. BP 847 Yaoundé +237 222201387


We are working alongside the organisation to improve climate disclosure and sustainability reporting.

We are recommending they change to robotics and virtual reality training to reduce emissions.

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