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The Biodiversity Asset Assessment
Stage 1: Overview of biodiversity assets     
-1a- Designing wetland plan
-1b- Biophysical features
Stage 2: How to choose species to focus on
-2a- Questions to consider before selection
-2b- Examples of consideration
-3c- Practical considerations (Blank sheet)
Stage 3: Assessment - Sample forms
-3a- Data collection sheet
-3b- Assessment data collection sheet
-3c- Useful links for mapping species
-4d- Useful links for maps
Other Assessments
(4) Conduct Livelihood Assessment     
(5) Conduct Eco-Services Assessment
The Livelihood Asset Assessment
(Food security) includes the following:
Sample assessment forms:
-1- Gather data from  each village
-2- Summary basic household data
-3- Land, Livestock and Housing
-4- Selected farm and household assets
-5- Savings and credit
-6- Household Non-Farm Income
-7- Household Food Consumption
-8- Response to shocks (last 3 years)
Other Assessments
(9) Conduct Eco-Services Assessment
(10) Conduct Biodiversity Assessment
The Eco-System Services Assessment 
includes the following:
Sample assessment forms
-1- Numbers of Livestock (US$)
-2- Crop outputs and income (US$)
-3- Livestock & other natural resources (US$)
-4- Food stocks and losses
-5- Fishing asset and income data
-6- Estimated income from fishing
-7- Household income survey
 -8- Economic valuation data collection sheets
Other Assessments

 (9) Conduct Livelihood Assessment


 (10) Conduct Biodiversity Asset Assessment




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