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Our finance training programs in partnership with financial institutions unlock pathways that lead to inclusive growth, access to digital financial services and natural capital knowledge that unlocks stakeholder empowerment with government and industry.

SMEs are the backbone of economies representing 95% of firms and 60% - 70% of employment. By supporting SME leadership with financial and ITC programs we can empower people, strengthen business and increase productivity and inclusive growth.



As stated above 41% of micro, small and medium enterprises within developing countries have unmet financial needs. We believe with finance education and training we can help address this issue.

We aim to assists a wide range of micro and SME sectors from food and agriculture, water, tourism to energy, SME banking, finance and insurance.

How can we assist you?

(1) Human Capital - training and development in finance and financial accounting to ensure that micro and SMEs keep adequate business records and accounts, covering areas such as double-entry bookkeeping to basic costing principles and using accounting software.  This will address issues of finance and accounting literacy.

(2) Technology and innovation - learn more about how traditional farming is changing. How traditional farming is becoming E-agriculture.  Click here to learn more...

(3) Finance and access to capital - Let us assist you in developing a better understanding of finance, credit and loan arrangements.

(4) Policy - Understand biodiversity-relevant taxes why it is important and how it may affect your business. Biodiversity taxes which include taxes on pesticides, fertilisers, forest products and timber harvests. Learn and understand biodiversity-relevant fees and charges which include entrance fees to national parks, fees on hunting licenses, charges on land-based sewage discharge. Understand and learn more about biodiversity-relevant tradable permits include individual transferable quotas for fisheries, tradable development rights, and tradable hunting rights.
Get involved with our policy engagements with government to reduce tax burdens through improvements to governance and regulatory quality, as well as enhancing access to finance, education and public services.