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Natural Environment Technology in Africa

The Year of Nutrition

We are working in partnership to strengthen resilience in Nutrition and Food Security on the African Continent: and Strengthening Agro-Food Systems. 



NET Africa (Natural Environment Technology) was initiated in response to the outcome of COP 21 in Paris, on 12 December 2015. Parties to the UNFCCC reached a landmark agreement to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future. The organization was then officially registered in Brussels, Belgium in July 2017 as a AISBL.

NET Africa specializes in natural resource economics. Natural resource economics is a trans-disciplinary field of research within economics that aims to address the connections and interdependence between human economies and natural ecosystems. Its focus is on how to operate an economy within the ecological constraints of the earth's natural resources. The objective of NET Africa is to work in partnership with key stakeholders who are engaged in these interactions. We work with civil society, natural resource intensive industries, SMEs, universities, and governmental bodies.

Join our AgriFund Management Center

The AgriFund Management Centre supports agribusiness across the supply chain from farmers to  production, storage, processing, transport, market and consumer.


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NET Africa specializes in natural resource economics that aims to address the connections and interdependence between human economies and natural ecosystems.


Accounting, Tax and Sustainability Reporting

We provide workshops, webinars and seminars for micro, SMEs and large enterprises with high dependence on natural resources.


Food & Supply Chain Management

We provide consultancy and knowledge management across the food supply chain from farm to folk.


Research & Publications

We focus on research on natural capital accounting & management, governance and policy.


Accounting, Tax and Sustainability Training

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Environmental Management Assessment

We aim to help your organization meet its compliance obligations. Provide conformity with supply chain requirements. Reduce risks and protect the business. Improve environmental performance. Increase resource efficiency. Increase competitiveness. Reduction in waste and emissions. Provide cost savings. Enhance reputation and inspire trust

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Financial Literacy Assessment


Financial literacy assessment to identify gaps and design appropriate response to your needs.

- Personal finance management

- Savings

- Loans

- Financial Service Providers

- Investment

- Agricultural Insurance



Business Plan

Tell us about your venture

- Describe your venture

- The Market

- The Market Staregy and Sales

- Development

- Management

- Operations

- Investment Prospects and Finance

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Risk Management Assessment

- Natural Disaster Emergency Plan

- Periodic Review and Revision of 


-Training on Emergency and Preparedness

- ISO 31000 Risk Certification

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Balance Sheet

- Cashflow Statement

- Breakeven & Profit-Volume-Cost

- Financial Projections

- Income Statement


Promoting Tax Registration

- The importance of tax registration

- Access to online tax forms and guidelines

- Open consultation on fiscal policy


GHG Emissions Accounting

- The importance of tax registration

- Access to online tax forms and            guidelines

- Open consultation on fiscal policy

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GRI Sustainability Reporting 

GRI 1 Foundation 2021

GRI 2 General Disclosures 2021

GRI 3 Material Topics 2021

AgriTech Value Chain Management

GRI Sustainability Reporting  

Garden Soil

Carbon Smart Farming

Our Carbon Smart Farming with landowners and project developers can assist in you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration, measured in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent. 

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Through AgriFund, we can help you form farm cooperatives and communities to reduce fruit and vegetable loss through cool storage finance and funding opportunities.




In our marketplace, we have registered certified buyers and sellers that can be of benefit to your venture. From cool storage to sustainable farming equipment, to transportation vehicles and on-demand collection and fast delivery orders.

Magnified Grass


Join us today and tell us your story about transportation challenges so that we can reach out and help you? Did you know that your produce can be damaged in transit if not transported at the right temperature

Research & Publications

Sharp Shinned Hawk



2021 Report


Partners Carbon

Programs Report 2020

Wild Plant

Africa Climate Bond Report 2021

Fog and Nature

Tax and Informality in Africa


Nile Citizen Science Research Program

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Top of the Mountain

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    The AgriFund Management Centre supports agribusiness across the supply chain from farmers to production, storage, processing, transport, market, and consumer in five key ways.
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    Online Training Event
    Learn more about our volunteer training program. Provide support for the team by undertaking research Conduct research projects within the research team, contributing to multiple, simultaneous research and evaluation projects, using a variety of methodologies.

Value Chain Assessment - Primary

Network of Participation

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Africa-EU Partnership

GHG Emissions Avoidance Calculations