A Virtual Event | 26th - 28th September 2022


Science Summit at UNGA77
13-30 September 2022

DAY 1: FINANCE SECTOR                                                         26th September 2022

Join us on 26th September to learn more about the importance of harmonised climate-related data  to boost investor confidence and enable long-term climate finance investment flows for green finance, there is a need for more inclusive science-based training workshops to keep track of rapid changes to applied practices and methodological approaches in GHG emissions accounting. The rapid deployment of methodologies for monitoring and reporting climate-related data for climate risks and for scaling up green finance has revealed capacity gaps between developing and developed countries. These skill gaps need to be addressed.

Learn more about how we can address these skill gaps 

Day 2: CLIMATE PROJECTS                                                     27th September 2022

Join us on 27th September to learn more about the importance of harmonised climate-related data and some of the challenges and opportunities that project entities face. The purpose of this session is to facilitate a dialogue on initiating a road-map for inclusive scientific-data collaborations between financial, scientific institutions, academia, and industry in developed and developing countries (governments, banks, companies, and civil society) on the issue of harmonized, climate-related data with standardized guidance as the critical component to enable forward-looking data assessments on climate-related risk to mobilize long-term capital for green and low-carbon investments.

Day 3: NET ZERO CITIES                                                          28th September 2022

Join us on 28th September to learn more about how Cities are leading on climate action but still face significant structural barriers. Join us to discuss the way forward and identifying and overcoming the root causes that hinder climate action at scale, including the harmonisation of climate-related data across cities.




Fadeke Ayoola, FCCA
Founder & CEO NET Africa

Climate Pact Ambassador


Dr Olufonso Somorin
Regional Principal Officer
African Development Bank

Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 09.09.08.png

Josephine Pallandt
Principal Reos Partners

Edgar Isingoma
Partner & Head of KPMG Impact, ESG and IDAS KPMG Africa

IMG_0936 (003a)white BG (1).png

L. Clensy Appavoo

CEO & Senior Partner

HLB Appavoo & Associates


Robert Rubinstein
CEO & Founder
Triple Bottom Line (TBLI) Group


Joy Aguele- Kalu (FCCA, MBA) Founder and CEO Green Bridge Advisory Ltd.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-18 at 12.41.23 PM.jpeg

Lidia Davies

Climate Pact Ambassador

Professional Shoot2021_Mwende (1).jpg

Mwende Mwololo
 Sustainability & ESG Analyst,
 HXE Partners

Jessy 2022 (1).JPG

Jesse Nyokabi

ImPPPact Global Alliance

Ambassador for Kenya

AZ3A0121 copie (3).JPG

Gérardine Mahoro
African Development Bank (AfDB) Manager & Founder ACT05 company


Adam Hearn
Ph.D. Researcher, Sustainability Research Group, University of Basel


Mercy Kimani
Executive Director Chaqula Ltd.

Working Group I  Governments and the
harmonisation of Climate-related Data
- Comparisons across government departments

Working Group 2  Industry and the harmonisation of Climate-related Data
- Comparisons within sectors

Working Group 3  Cities and the harmonisation of Climate-related Data
- Comparisons across cities

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